ComicReaders Regina Downtown

105 – 2125 11th Avenue
Cornwall Professional Building
Regina, SK S4P 3X3

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As of May 19, ComicReaders Downtown is open again to the general public (with restrictions).

– Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
– Sunday 12pm to 5pm
– Restricted to 8 people in the store at one time (not including 2 staff)
– Social distancing measures are in effect. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a minimum of 6 feet between yourself, staff and fellow shoppers.
– Wash your hands with our alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you arrive
– Shopping is preferred to browsing
– Our front door is locked so we can control traffic flow. A staff member will let you in and will verbally review all the above information with you before you are allowed to shop
– After washing your hands and talking to a staff member you will turn right and go along the outer edge of the store to get to the section(s) you wish to visit.
– Credit / debit / cash is accepted

In addition:
– Leave your reusable tote bags at home
– You may have to wait to get into the store
– You may have to wait to get into a section you want to visit
– You may have to wait at the till while a staff member sanitizes the credit / debit machine, the hand sanitizer bottle, etc.
– We still offer curb-side pick-up so feel free to call 306 779 0900, email, and contact us through Facebook to ask about products, place orders, arrange for payment, and arrange for pick-up.
– Each and every one of you is appreciated

Product updates, photos, and more can be discovered on our Facebook page. (Click link below or search for ComicReaders Downtown on Facebook.)

Take a virtual tour of ComicReaders Downtown

All in-store gaming has been suspended until further notice.

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