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New store opens on April 28– 2 days away!

Excitement is definitely in the air. ComicReaders Downtown on 12th Avenue had its final day on Saturday, April 24. I was working that day, working the till and helping Dana pack boxes. The doors closed at 5pm, but the work was not finished. Dana, Greg and some very helpful friends and family helped load two U-Haul’s worth of stock and shipped it to the new location. All shelves, furniture, and inventory was moved before the end of day Sunday. Today (Monday) was a day for organizing the new store. Dana and I snapped some photos. 

The board game section was one of the first areas completed. HUGE selection of board games.
This photo was taken near the front door early in the day. Whew. Lots of work to do.
Boxes pretty much filled the whole centre of the store for the first half of the day.
Looking toward the front of the store. In the background, Chad and Shane organize manga into alphabetical order. It took them more than two hours, which had to do with the amount of manga in stock, not the slowness of the guys.
The DC Comics wall, board games in the background, one of four racks of t-shirts, and behind the t-shirts a column covered in video game related action figures.

 You can see the end result on Wednesday, April 28. See you there! 

Dana oversaw the day's work, which means he bought lunch, fetched coffee and Timbits, stood around a lot, and told the rest of us what to do.