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Top 10: My Favourite Thor Stories

This time around: the God of Thunder himself, Thor. The character isn’t in my top five but over the years he’s found himself in terrific stories that are great reads. And I have read many of them numerous times.

Thor stories are usually spectacular and vast in scope– these are among the most spectacular comics stories ever done and among my all-time favourites. They all stand up to several re-readings. Without further ado, here we go…

10thor-11. The Man-Gog trilogy from Thor #154-157
While it’s four issues, I call it a trilogy as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had this strange habit of ending Thor stories in the middle of an issue and then starting a new storyline. This is one of Thor’s greatest battles as he takes on a being with the power of a “billion, billion beings.”

The Man-Gog is released from imprisonment by Ulik the Troll and because Odin destroyed his race proceeds to invade and wreck Asgard en-route to drawing the Odinsword and destroying the universe.

This storyline is a tour de force of carnage and heroism, as the seriously overmatched Asgardians battle valiantly against an infinitely more powerful foe. Only the timely intervention of Odin saved the Universe.

2. Thor vs. Thanos and Man-Gog from Thor volume 2 #21-25
While I don’t care a lot for either villain, teaming them up was a stroke of genius. Either one is almost more than Thor can handle on his best days, but the two of them together is the team-up from Hades.

Great battles culminating in one of the cleverest scenes in Thor history when he finds the Man-Gog’s one weakness– the one place he isn’t armored– and lets loose with the full power of his hammer. Continue reading Top 10: My Favourite Thor Stories