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Custom Star Wars dioramas

X-Wing Diorama

xwing1-aHere are some photos of my Yavin Four diorama I completed about ten years ago. The diorama is based around a vintage MPC X-wing offering I have extensively modified. The additions include opened weapons and ECM bays, detailed engine compartment, and a detailed sensor array in the nose. The cockpit was completely redone and features a scratch built targeting computer. The landing gear provided with the kit was inaccurate when compared to the full scale mockups so I scratch built them as well.

The walls of the ancient structure were constructed using high-density foam covered with drywall plaster. The blocks were simulated by scribing the surface. Cracks and weathering were added by the use a Dremel tool. Afterward, I painted the walls with an airbrush and Humbrol enamels. When the paint was dry I applied an earth tone acrylic wash. Model railroad scenery foam was added to simulate moss growing on the blocks.

xwing2-aThe service tower, control room, stands, and equipment were completely scratch built. Sheet styrene, various wire gauges, and a variety of spares from the parts box were used in their construction.

The lighting of the floor, tower and control room was then completed using tiny “grain of wheat” bulbs. I used a standard wall plug adapter for power.

The X-Wing scales out to about 1/43 to 1/45. Because of this, figures that properly represented the scale were hard to find. The ones I did find are oversized aircraft ground crew figures for the common 1/48 scale. The X-Wing pilot is a modified anime figure. I used Milliput modeling clay to create the vest, belts, gauntlets and boots. The R2 unit is from The SMT Y-Wing fighter kit.

xwing5-a  xwing3-a

AT-ST Diorama

atst1-aThis diorama depicts an early conquest by the Imperial forces. A field barrier generator station has been destroyed and armor troops are being taken prisoners by stormtroopers and biker scouts. Another system seeking independence is being swallowed by the Empire!

The AT-ST is the standard MPC kit with some minor modifications. Details were added to the legs. The hatches were scribed and opened up. I added a crew and battle scars to the finish.

The figures, tank, and speeder bikes are gaming miniatures that of the time of this writing are unavailable. The surrendering soldiers were modified by repositioning their arms and hands to raised positions in order to make their dilemma look convincing.

The “field barrier generator station” was scratch built with the use of thin mahogany and covered with drywall plaster. It was sanded smooth and then “battle damaged” with an Exacto knife and a no.11 blade. The details came from the spare parts box. The moisture vaporator is scratch built as well. The base was constructed with the use of high-density particleboard and covered with model railroad groundwork material. (Dave Porter)

 atst2-a  atst3-a