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Powers #3

Powers #3
Icon / Marvel Comics
(w) Brian Michael Bendis
(a) Michael Avon Oeming
FC 41 pgs $3.95 US / Higher in Canada

So far this new arc in Bendis and Oeming’s Powers has been just okay. Walker and his new partner are trying to solve a murder. They’ve arrested the daughter of an old school super-hero. And the daughter’s mother isn’t happy about it.

I don’t if it’s because both Bendis and Oeming are busy with other projects but Powers just hasn’t had the same intensity it once had. At one point this comic was one of my favorites and now, well,  it’s not terrible by any means, but it has lost some of its zip. I don’t think it’s the change in partners either. Sure Pilgrim was extremely entertaining but Enki Sunrise hasn’t had much of chance to build up her character or form any sort of dynamic with Walker other than they’re partners. But the last arc with Pilgrim was where the series started to lose its punch.

I keep hoping Bendis and Oeming will kick things up. They are trying – this issue was 41 pages of super violent car chasing but there still feels like something is missing. Maybe it is Pilgrim. Still it’s better than most of the other comics being put out there right now. (Shane Hnetka)