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Top 10: My Favourite Legion of Super-Heroes Stories

This time out I’m tackling my all-time favourite stories of the Legion of Super-Heroes. There are ten to twenty titles that I have read every single story of and Legion is one of them, at least until recently. I completely gave up on the latest Jim Shooter incarnation.

10legion-1I love epic stories, and the Legion with its large cast is perfectly suited for epic. The best stories are the ones where the threat is so dire it takes the entire Legion to handle. DC is forever tinkering with the concept, and is always throwing the baby out with the bathwater by twisting it like a pretzel to fit whatever vision the current powers that be have.

The best era for the characters was late 70’s and early 80’s when Paul Levitz was writing and Keith Giffen was drawing. It appears DC finally figured that out and has been slowly bringing back those versions of the characters.

I have to admit I liked the direction of the “Five Years Later” storyline, but, by all reports, editorial interference kept Keith Giffen from telling the story he wanted. The title became a trainwreck that completely went off the rails with the introduction on the Batch 23 clones.

1. “The Great Darkness Saga” from Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 1) #290-294.
This is the high water mark of the Levitz/Giffen era. Darkseid awakens, steals the powers of Time Trapper and Mordru and then (almost) conquers the universe. Dark Clones of Orion and other New Gods and the entire population of Daxam pushed the Legion as far as it could. Superboy and Girl bursting out of flames to pound on Darkseid is one of my all-time favourite comics pages. Continue reading Top 10: My Favourite Legion of Super-Heroes Stories