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Mighty Marvels / DC Team

Greetings, Fellow Heroclix Enthusiasts…

I went all out after being gone for a while!

Let’s start with the mighty Marvels: The Armoured Spider-man  was made with an Armoured Spider-man and a Spider-man from the Mutant Mayhem set. Armour was stripped off and glued onto the other.  I reused the lamp-pole but it just wouldn’t stay up straight, (insert Viagra joke here), so I cut the pole away from the “concrete” base and slid a model brush protector sleeve onto the pole and it was a perfect fit. Comparing the old one with my redo, the pole has increased in diameter but not by much and is now completely straight. The paint job is just dry brushing silver over flat black. Continue reading Mighty Marvels / DC Team

The Marvel Ladies

Greetings fellow Heroclixers!

Click for a larger version
Click for a larger version

We’ll start with one of my favourites, She-Hulk. Here, I’ve done her REV set (left to right). The Rookie consists of Power Girl’s torso, Polaris’ head, Circe’s face, The Lizard’s jacket, Hyena’s arms, Beast’s legs, and Ultimate Doctor Octopus’ base. This one is very labour intensive, hollowing out the Lizard body to fit in Power Girl’s and then heating a needle to make the ripped look of the white outfit for She-Hulk. The Polaris head was the best to show her uncontrolled look, while the open-mouthed scream of Circe made it appear as if the transformation was happening for the first time.

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Doomsday, Red Hulk and more

Click for a larger version
Click for a larger version

Good day, fellow HeroClixers. We all shed a tear when we heard the HeroClix franchise was ending, but now we can collectively cheer as it returns stronger than ever with the Hammer of Thor set. I am very excited. It has renewed my interest in the Custom Clix column so after a long absence let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the re-paints first. To begin, we have Doomsday. This was my first DC re-paint, but not the last as I went on to do the Hawk and Dove duo figure. Can you tell what got changed?

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