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Top 10: Best Superhero Battles of All Time

This time around, the best superhero fights of all time. I got bogged down compiling this one, as there were so many to choose from. The breakthrough came when I determined what made a great fight.

1) The hero(s) overcome great obstacles and adversity to eventually triumph.

2) The fun in seeing a match-up between two similar characters or characters you’d like to see duke it out.

3) A well choreographed fight.

The battles that made the Top 10 didn’t meet all three but they’re all good clashes in their own right. These battles fall into three categories: just plain FUN, some emotional impact, or something about the battle made it memorable– clever use of a character or something that was never done before.

Interestingly enough, since I submitted this, Comicbookresources.com ran a poll asking fandom its opinion on the best 25 battles of all time. There are quite a few choices in common.

10-battles-11. The Hulk vs. The Thing in Fantastic Four #25-26
For my money the best superhero battle ever. While actually the second time the Hulk and Thing tangled this one wasn’t a short tussle. It was an extended no holds barred punch up over two issues. This one had it all– Hulk vs. the Thing, Fantastic Four vs. Avengers, and then everyone vs. Hulk. While these two titans have tussled many times since then this is still the best of their battles, pretty much two solid issues of carnage. Also notable in this was the first time The Thing was soundly defeated. While The Thing was overmatched he never gave up and battled greenskin to a draw in the end. Great fun. Continue reading Top 10: Best Superhero Battles of All Time