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The Originals

The OriginalsThe Originals
DC Comics / Vertigo Comics
(w) Dave Gibbons
(a) Dave Gibbons
BW, 160 pgs, $24.95 US / Higher in Canada

As a graphic novel both written and illustrated by comic book veteran Dave Gibbons, The Originals can be appreciated on a number of levels. First and foremost, it’s a testament to Gibbons’ skill as a storyteller, told through a concise narrative and stylized black and white layouts. Looking beyond the book’s pages, it’s also a semi-autobiographical tribute to Mod culture, a personal story fueled by the creator’s adolescent memories and passion for the subject matter. When it comes down to the actual story, however, Gibbons relies a bit too heavily on contextual relevance, and without prior knowledge of his background, The Originals is a typical coming-of-age story that has a hard time living up to its name. Continue reading The Originals

DMZ #50

DMZ #50
Vertigo / DC Comics
(w) Brian Woods
(a) Rebekah Isaacs, Jim Lee, Fabio Moon, Ryan Kelly, Lee Bermejo, Riccardo Burchielli, Philip Bond, John Paul Leon, Eduardo Risso & Dave Gibbons
FC 40 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada

After the events of last issue, I had excepted something different for the big 50th issue. Instead readers are treated to a bunch of short stories and pin-ups.

DMZ has been one of Vertigo’s best titles. It’s been consistently outstanding and it’s managed to make it to 50 issues, which in this day and age seems to be a miracle for a Vertigo title.

It’s interesting to see all the different artists’ takes on Matty and company but what kind of evil writer is Brian Wood? He ends issue #49 in a massive cliffhanger, which I won’t reveal to all those who read the trade collections, and then he takes a break from the story. It’s evil, pure evil. (Shane Hnetka)