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Batman: Broken City

Batman: Broken CityBatman: Broken City
DC Comics
(w) Brian Azzarello
(a) Eduardo Risso

FC, 144 pgs,  $24.95 US / Higher in Canada

Broken City began with a surefire strategy– take the award-winning team behind the critically acclaimed 100 Bullets, and apply their talents to the world’s greatest detective. Look past the hype, however, and while the result is an impressively edgy and dark Batman tale, it’s one that feels strangely out of place within the title’s continuity.

The murder of a small-time criminal’s sister has set into motion a citywide investigation on both sides of the law. But when a young boy’s parents are murdered in the confusion, the Dark Knight takes it personally, and the streets of Gotham become a hunting ground in the Caped Crusader’s unstoppable quest for vengeance. Continue reading Batman: Broken City