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Aqua Romana

NOTE: This game is currently out of stock at our distributors, which means we don’t have copies in our stores and we can’t order it.

Aqua Romana is a German-style board game for two to four players. Players assume the role of experienced architects and use workers and master builders to build aqueducts that supply water to towns and cities during the age of the Roman Empire. The winner of the game is the architect that has accumulated the most points by building the longest aqueducts.

Players begin with a reservoir, a source for the water that will be carried in the aqueducts they build. A worker is placed on each exit of the reservoir. As an aqueduct is extended from this exit, the worker will move along the aqueduct’s length. Once an aqueduct is finished (described as “closed” in the game instructions), points are scored for the length of the aqueduct and the worker is removed from the game. This means each player has a limited number of workers, and thus the number of aqueducts they can build is also limited. Continue reading Aqua Romana