Secret to Success

If there is one thing we think about constantly at ComicReaders it is the customers. For us, the customer comes first. This might sound like a cliche, but it is the truth. If the customer can have a positive experience at ComicReaders than chances are the customer will return.

Customer service is key to a customer having a positive experience at ComicReaders. This can be finding something new to read or a game to play, learning something new about a comic writer or artist by talking to the staff, or perhaps feeling like they’ve given back to us by recommending something new to us. What makes all of this possible is listening. We listen to our customers. We don’t blindly recommend. We ask questions first and listen to answers. We don’t just nod quietly as a customer talks about a new game or comic. We engage with the customer.

Customers are also an important part of our in-store and out-of-store events. By holding special events built around games or comics we show that we too are active members of our communities. Our customers take part in the events but also help us organize and run such events.

All of this attention to customers was learned over 20+ years of being in business. That is the secret to our success: The knowledge and skills we obtained over the years we’ve been open. That all started with Dana Tillusz and he taught those same philosophies to his staff and to those who would come to run the Medicine Hat and Downtown Regina locations. We learn. We learn from our mistakes. We learn from our successes. We use this learning to help our customers. We use this learning to help us adapt and thrive.

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Secret to Our Success


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