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Everything in the archives is from a bygone era (early 2000s). We’ve held onto these for nostalgia, but some have a lasting relevance.

Super Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest

Super Hero SquadSuper Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest
Marvel Comics
(w) Various
(a) Various
FC, 176 pgs, $16.99 USD

I believe many of the superhero comics published by Marvel and DC are inappropriate for young children. Violence, mature storylines, complex plots, and the occasional sexually suggestive moment make mainstream superhero comics more suitable for teens and adults. Marketing to those demographics is certainly important, but a lot of publishers have also turned their attention to a younger generation in an effort to attract new readers and develop them into long-term readers of comics. One of the ways to do this is to make available quality, age appropriate comics to the younger readers and- equally important- to their parents. While there are many excellent, highly recommended comics and graphic novels for this young demographic, very few of these are within the superhero genre. Continue reading Super Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest

Carbon Grey #1

Carbon Grey #1
Image Comics
(w) Hoang Nguygen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner & Mike Kennedy
(a) Hoang Nguygen, Khari Evans & Kinsun Loh
FC 32 pgs w/ ads, $2.99 US

A couple of years ago Image had a series called Dust. It was an alternate world where WWII was mixed with giant robots and mad scientists. It wasn’t bad but at just two issues it was short and not a lot happened. A sequel came out last year called Dust Wars. It wasn’t as good as the first series and something seemed to be lacking.

Carbon Grey has a similar tone. It’s set in an alternate reality where a Kaiser has ruled the world for 600 years. For as long as the Kaiser has ruled, the Kaiser has used the sisters Grey as bodyguards. Until now.

This first issue has intriguing start. The Kaiser is dead and it’s one of the Grey sisters who has done the deed. The art is amazing. Not all the plot is clear – several characters are introduced without a clear idea who everybody is. I’m not sure who the girl and the man impersonating a dead soldier are and what their part is in all of this but I’ll stick with the series and see where it goes, it has a lot of promise. (Shane Hnetka)

X-Men Legacy #245

X-Men Legacy #245
Marvel Comics
(w) Mike Carey
(a) Clay Mann & Jay Leisten
FC 32 pgs w/ ads, $2.99 US / Higher in Canada

Mike Carey’s Age of X arc starts here. It’s a crossover between X-Men Legacy and New Mutants for the next three months and Carey is writing all of it. It’s a vastly different world where mutants are feared and hated (wait a minute…). Anyway the X-Men have never existed in this world and the remaining mutants have banded together to make a final stand.

There isn’t any explanation for this world – yet. Magneto is leading the mutants. Cyclops is called Basilisk – his eyelids were removed so he has to where a special mask to contain his power. And Rogue is called Legacy or Reaper depending on the mutant. Every time a mutant dies, Rogue absorbs all their powers and memories – thus Legacy.

It’s an interesting start for what is essentially another Age of Apocalypse story. I’m not sure what Mike Carey has planned but I’m trying to have faith that this is going somewhere. (Shane Hnetka)

After Settlers, After Ticket to Ride, After Carcassonne…

The holiday shopping season is upon us and one of the common questions we’re running into this season is what board game we would recommend to someone who already has Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. We’ve been asked this so many times, in fact, we decided to put our recommendations on our Web site to help you with your holiday shopping.

Here they are: Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Acquire, Fresco, Forbidden Island, and Dominion. Continue reading After Settlers, After Ticket to Ride, After Carcassonne…