Board Game Arrivals (Week of November 7)

ComicReaders received several new board games this week and several bestselling games were restocked after being unavailable for a number of months.


Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails (read more)

Overkill The Halloween Slasher Party Game: Arguably two weeks late (because Halloween was almost two weeks ago), Overkill is a party game driven by cards where you compete to create the most ridiculous horror-movie inspired kill.

Tiny Epic Western: The Tiny Epic family of board games is a well-reviewed series of games that apply various genres onto a core set of game mechanics. Tiny Epic is often a Kickstarter darling and it was no different with Tiny Epic Western. If you missed the Kickstarter do not despair because the game is now available at ComicReaders.

Burger Up: Did you ever flip burgers at a fast food joint or work a grill at a greasy spoon? Well, now you relieve those halycon days with Burger Up, a card matching puzzle game that looks to recreate the art of making burgers. There is an expansion out, too: Burgers of the World!

Zany Penguins: In this card game, your tribe of penguins is trying to take over the control of Earth. Unfortunately, other players’ tribes want to do this, too. This looks like a crazy little game for the family.

Junk Art: There are 10 different ways to play this game all out of the one box, all based on the idea of building “art” out of junk– the junk being wooden pieces of various shapes, sizes and colours. We here at ComicReaders dig a good dexterity game. Junk Art looks like it wants to be in the same family as Bandau, Hamsterolle, Villa Paletti, and others games of that ilk.

Escape from Colditz Anniversary Edition: One player are the German guards. The other players are officers hoping to get their prisoners to escape the infamous Nazi prison Colditz. This classic from the 70s gets a deluxe anniversary printing. The original game was developed by Brian Degas in collaboration with Major P R Reid, a British Army officer who was held at and eventually escaped the real Colditz Castle.

Arkham Horror The Card Game: Arkham Horror is the latest edition to Fantasy Flight Games’ series of Living Card Games (LCG). This family of games already includes Netrunner, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. To us, Arkham Horror seems like a replacement for the discontinued Call of Cthulhu (LCG).

The Others: CMON Limited (Cool Mini Or Not) has enjoyed numerous successes with their miniatures-based board games such as Blood Rage, Zombicide and Zombicide Black Plague. The Others is one of their more recent releases which was originally a Kickstarter but is now available in stores such as ComicReaders. A very detailed description of the game came be found on

The Mysterious Forest: The Mysterious Forest is a cooperative memory game inspired by The Wormworld Saga.

Queen Games Releases: Other new releases this week include a number of games from Queen Games, including London Markets, Liguria, World Monuments, and Risky Adventure.


Camel Up: You are spectators to a Camel race, placing bets on the outcome and manipulating the progress of the race. A fantastic party game that does not feel like a party game.

Carcassonne Big Box: This edition of the “Big Box” contains Carcassonne, 7-8 player extension, The River, Inns & Cathedrals, Trades & Builders, Wheel of Fortune, and Hills & Sheep.

T.I.M.E Stories: You are members of a team of psychic, time-travelling investigators charged with sending your consciousness into the past to prevent a temporal calamities. When you play this game, you will fail, and then you restart the game, taking what you’ve learned to advance the game. And then you fail. And then you take what you learned to advance the game. You do this until you succeed. And then you go buy one of the expansions which presents you with a new case to unravel. T.I.M.E Stories is the game no one talks about because they don’t want to ruin the experience for you.

Karuba: This 2016 Spiel des Jahres nominee has sold out almost immediately the two previous times we received it. If you’ve been wanting this one please don’t wait too long to pick it up.

Note: ComicReaders receives new product several times during any given week. We do not post all new releases or all restocked games, comic, graphic novels, toys, etc. The best way to see our selection is to visit our stores. You can also call with inquires. 


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