Recommended Picks For March 7, 2012

Hot Pick!
Fairest #1
DC Comics/Vertigo

(W) Bill Willingham
(A) Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning
(Cover) Adam Hughes

New York Times best-selling, award-winning creator Bill Willingham presents a new series starring the female Fables. Balancing horror, humor and adventure, Fairest explores the secret histories of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Snow White, Rose Red and others. The first 6-issue arc follows the misadventures of Briar Rose after she is stolen away by the goblin army in Fables #107. Fan-favorite artist Phil Jimenez returns to Vertigo to pencil the opening storyline. Award-winning cover artist Adam Hughes provides covers, starting with a wraparound cover on issue #1.

Price: $2.99

Recommended Pick!
Hellboy Volume 12: The Storm and the Fury TP
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Mike Mignola
(A) Duncan Fegredo
(Cover) Dave Stewart, Mike Mignola

Hellboy cuts a deal with the devious Baba Yaga that may secure the survival of mankind in this climactic follow-up to 2009’s lauded Hellboy: The Wild Hunt. But when war ensues between the forces of good and evil, Hellboy must finally confront the Queen of Blood in a battle that will change the fate of the world! Collects Hellboy: The Storm #1-#3 and Hellboy: The Fury #1-#3. Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo conclude their epic collaboration that began in 2007’s Darkness Calls-a saga that changes everything for Hellboy!

Price: $19.99

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