Recommended Picks For Februay 15, 2012

Hot Pick!
Peter Panzerfaust #1
Image Comics

(W) Kurtis J. Wiebe
(A/Cover) Tyler Jenkins

From the writer of the critically acclaimed GREEN WAKE and THE INTREPIDS comes a new ongoing series that blends Red Dawn with Peter Pan. In “The Great Escape,” Part One, the city of Calais is the first city in France to fall to the Germans in the spring of 1940. A mysterious American boy named Peter rallies a handful of plucky French orphans, and together they must survive Europe’s darkest moment.

Price: $3.50

Recommended Pick!
Athos In America HC
Fantagraphics Books

(W/A/Cover) Jason

Fantagraphics’ proud relationship with the multiple award-winning artist continues with another collection of full-color graphic novellas in the tradition of Low Moon. The title story is a prequel to the graphic novel The Last Musketeer, in which the ageless swashbuckler tells the tale of playing himself in a film of The Three Musketeers. Also included are “The Smiling Horse,” “The Brain That Wouldn’t Virginia Woolf,” the Bukowski pastiche “A Cat From Heaven,” “Tom Waits on the Moon” and “So Long Mary Ann,” a prisonescape love-triangle story. Dry, mordant and all very Jason!

Price: $24.99


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