Recommended Picks For October 26, 2011

Hot Pick!
Incredible Hulk #1
Marvel Comics

(W) Jason Aaron
(A) Marc Silvestri
(Variant Covers) Neal Adams & Dale Keown
(Sketch Variant Cover) Marc Silvestri

Marvel architect Jason Aaron joins forces with legendary artist Marc Silvestri to launch this new chapter in the history of the green goliath.


Price: $3.99



Recommended Pick!
Spaceman #1
DC Comics

(W) Brian Azzarello
(A) Eduardo Risso
(Cover) Dave Johnson

Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, SPACEMAN tells the story of Orson – a hulking, lonely loser who spends his days collecting scrap metal and dreaming of the startrekking life he was promised. That is, until he finds himself at the center of a celebrity child kidnapping case. Seeing his chance to be a hero, Orson takes matters into his own hands…but will his actions only cause more heartbreak? Mature Readers.

Price: $1.00


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