Recommended Picks For October 19, 2011

Hot Pick!
Star Trek/ Legion Of Super-Heroes #1
IDW Publishing/DC Comics

(W) Chris Roberson
(A) Jeffrey Moy
(Cover) Keith Giffen, Phil Jimenez

The pairing you never thought could happen! IDW Publishing and DC Comics are proud to present the greatest tale of the 23rd century. Or is that the 31st century? As you’ll see here, it’s both. Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson and Star Trek and Legionnaires veteran artist Jeffrey Moy partner up to bring you the most bizarre partnership of any century! In this first issue, a group of Legionnaires end up lost in the 23rd century, but it’s a universe that isn’t familiar to either the Legion or the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Price: $3.99

Recommended Pick!
Fear Itself: The Fearless #1
Marvel Comics

(W) Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn & Chris Yost
(A) Mark Bagley & Paul Pelletier
(Cover) Art Adams

Fear Itself Aftermath! A new twice-monthly series featuring Captain America, the Avengers, and heroes and villains across the entire Marvel Universe! In the wake of Fear Itself by the acclaimed writing team of Matt Fraction (Fear Itself), Cullen Bunn (Fear Itself: The Deep) and Chris Yost (Fear Itself: Spider-Man) and the powerhouse art team of Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man) and Paul Pelletier (The Incredible Hulks).

Price: $2.99


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