Recommended Picks for February 2, 2011

Hot Pick!
DC Universe: Online Legends #1
DC Comics
(W) Tony Bedard & Marv Wolfman
(A) Howard Porter, Livesay & Adriana Melo, & Norman Lee
Wraparound cover by Ed Benes
Issue #1 1:10 Variant cover by Ryan Sook

The DC event of the year begins, coinciding with the release of the wildly anticipated DCU MMO! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with this immense, 26-issue bi-weekly series! Lex Luthor’s obsession with destroying Superman reaches a fevered limit when he cuts the ultimate Devil’s deal with Brainiac…but with the shake of a hand, has Luthor consigned humanity to genocide? Comic book legend Marv Wolfman joins fan-favorite writer Tony Bedard and artist Howard Porter to tell the ultimate DC Universe Super Hero tale of good versus evil!

Price: $2.99

Recommended Pick!
Witchfinder — Lost And Gone Forever #1
Dark Horse Comics
(W/Cover) Mike Mignola
(W) John Arcudi
(A/Cover) John Severin
(C) Dave Stewart

Horror comes to the Wild West! In the hellish frontiers of the American Wild West, nineteenth-century occult investigator Edward Grey hunts down a fiendish member of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. What he finds is a town harboring bloodthirsty criminals and terrible supernatural horrors! EC Comics legend John Severin (Two-Fisted Tales) rejoins the Hellboy line after his stellar debut in B.P.R.D.: War of Frogs!

Price: $2.99


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