Marvel’s Fantastic Four #587 Official Release Changed to Tuesday, January 25

The upcoming release of Fantastic Four #587 (NOV100584D, $3.99) marks the end of the Fantastic Four and the penultimate issue of Marvel’s longest-running series. With the death of one member of the Fantastic Four occurring in the issue, Marvel is anticipating mainstream news coverage of the story. In consideration of the expected mass media attention and its potential impact upon sales, the House of Ideas has announced via the January 20 Marvel Mailer that it will allow retailers to begin selling this issue on Tuesday, January 25 rather than the originally scheduled Wednesday, January 26.

From the Marvel Mailer:


“Due to the expected mass media attention scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Marvel is allowing retailers who have received copies of Fantastic Four #587 to make it available that day. No other new Marvel titles with an on-sale of 1/26/11 may be made available that day.

“This unexpected opportunity is a result of both the new earlier shipping schedule and worldwide mass media coverage. Marvel cannot guarantee the secured press placement will hit on 1/25 (as other breaking news may bump it), though if it does, retailers who have received the issue may sell their copies. For retailers who don’t receive early shipments, or have customers calling in advance of the shipment arrival, Marvel encourages them to take down customer information and inform them when copies do arrive.”

The announcement of the coming demise for one Fantastic Four member has already caught the attention of the Associated Press and CNN, and other trusted news sources can be expected to cover the death of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, or The Thing when issue #587 goes on sale.

But this is not just an issue featuring a death; it’s the beginning of a new era in Fantastic Four history with more unexpected changes to come. This polybagged issue (regular cover only) will not be overprinted and will not be available on the newsstand. As a result of the worldwide attention Marvel anticipates, you may wish to stock up on Fantastic Four #588 (DEC100592D, $3.99), a “Three” epilogue that marks the final issue of the series.

“The surprises in this issue – and what comes next – constitute one of the biggest events in Marvel history,” said Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales & Circulation, David Gabriel. “When you see the plans that Tom Brevoort, Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting come to fruition, you’ll know why we say this is the story everyone will be talking about.”

“We realize that this late change to Fantastic Four #587’s release day will impact operations for many comic shops on Tuesday, and put customers who didn’t sign up for Day-Early Delivery at a potential disadvantage,” said Diamond’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Roger Fletcher. “However, we are hopeful the widespread publicity Marvel anticipates for Fantastic Four #587 will come to fruition and trigger demand for the issue that leads to sellouts for all of our customers. This unique situation throws a curve into the industry’s recently implemented Day-Early Delivery program, but we will use this experience to guide us in planning for and orchestrating possible similar events in the future.”

This is the ONLY new release which can be sold on Tuesday. All other new releases CANNOT be sold Tuesday. As a reminder, Secret Shoppers will be visiting shops to ensure compliance and if you need to log a complaint you can do so online.


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