Mighty Marvels / DC Team

Greetings, Fellow Heroclix Enthusiasts…

I went all out after being gone for a while!

Let’s start with the mighty Marvels: The Armoured Spider-man  was made with an Armoured Spider-man and a Spider-man from the Mutant Mayhem set. Armour was stripped off and glued onto the other.  I reused the lamp-pole but it just wouldn’t stay up straight, (insert Viagra joke here), so I cut the pole away from the “concrete” base and slid a model brush protector sleeve onto the pole and it was a perfect fit. Comparing the old one with my redo, the pole has increased in diameter but not by much and is now completely straight. The paint job is just dry brushing silver over flat black.The Ultimate Spider-woman was made by using Sinister’s Spider-man head (only fitting since she is the female clone of Peter), the upper torso and hair was from Crisis’ Mary Marvel, and the lower torso of Wonder Girl. The paint job was a three-coloured red dry brush endeavour.  Take a look at the hand-painted white spider. It took a very fine brush, watered down white paint, and a very, very steady hand.

Now for the Ultimate Hulk: “Wow” is all I can say.  This was fun.  Reading the comic where Wolverine gets ripped in half was fantastic but sculpting it was even better. The Hulk was the Ultimate Hulk from the Avengers set, with the pop machine removed and replaced with Tempest’s water base. Wolverine’s legs were from the Ultimate Wolverine and the upper torso came from Armour Wars.  The guts were from a zombie cheerleader.

On to the DC side of things, we have the Doppelgangers for Trigon, which were just repaints, reversing the colour scheme.  ‘Nuff said.

Power Girl was made using a Con Artist’s head, Wasp’s body and Liberty Bell’s boots.

Out of the Shadows Batman was nice on his own but I’ve wanted to do a Batman for some time, so I used Black Panther, added a Batman cape and belt, and stuck him on top of a constructed pillar.

Cue the 70’s music because here comes Wonder Woman!  After seeing the sculpt that was done for The Brave and the Bold, I needed to do a new sculpt. The sculpt is inspired by the old TV show where Linda Carter would spin around and transform from her alter ego to her hero form. The lower torso came from a Phantom Girl and, of course, the rest was Wonder Woman.  The head and torso were from two different Wonder Woman figures. The hands were from Vertigo as they needed to be open palms.  The jacket was from a Lizard. I cut off the arms and then the new sleeves and blouse
made with small pieces of kleenex and Crazy Glue.  The paint job was a labor of love because this was one figure I didn’t want  to mess up. 

I can’t wait for the next Heroclix set to come out! I’m sure I’ll be inspired to head back to the drawing board.

Type at you all later.

Keep clixing. (Keith Dobranski)

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