Blackest Night #8

Blackest Night #8
DC Comics
(w) Geoff Johns
(a) Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Joe Prado
FC 40 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada


I was hoping for Johns to repeat his success with the last big Green Lantern epic – The Sinestro Wars. Instead I ended up with an all right mega-crossover with a cheesy ending. It’s not the same cheesy ending that I was expecting. But it’s pretty cheesy.


And just like that a bunch dead characters are back. In a four page fold out none the less. The Hawks I expected. Dying and resurrecting is part of their shtick. The rest I really could care less about. In fact I have less interest in picking up the new Birds of Prey now that I know the mysterious silhouettes on the cover are the resurrected Hawk and Dove. But it is Gail Simone so I’m still willing to see where it goes.

I enjoyed Blackest Night for the most part. There was enough twists, turns and surprises to keep my interest but the cheesy ending hurts it. The dead means dead makes me laugh too. It reminds me of similar promises that the big two have made in the past. It never sticks for long. (Shane Hnetka)

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