Wednesday News Bites: March 24, 2010

Let’s get right to it this week:

  • In case you needed yet another example of the huge fan following of Twilight, volume 1 of the comic adaptation of the book sold 66,000 copies during its first week of sales, which is the largest debut of a graphic novel in the U.S.  Its first print run was 350,000 copies, which is the largest first printing of a graphic novel in the U.S.
  • IDW has obtained the rights to produce a new line of licensed comics based on the Jurassic Park franchise. You can learn more at
  • Chris Evans has been offered the role of Captain America, which includes a deal of three Captain America movies, three Avengers movies, and various smaller appearances in other upcoming Marvel movies. As of the writing of this post, Evans has NOT yet accepted the deal.
  •  More Marvel Zombies are on the way!

About caperaway

I’m a publisher writer of graphic novels and short fiction. Published works include Acts of Violence: An Anthology of Crime Comics, The Grim Collection, Black Salt, and Psychosis.

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