Wolverine: Weapon X #11

Wolverine: Weapon X #11
Marvel Comics
(w) Jason Aaron
(a) Ron Garney & Jason Keith

32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada

Jason Aaron’s Scalped is in the top-five best written monthly comics hitting shelves these days. Unfortunately, Wolverine: Weapon X ain’t. Since its debut, Logan’s run the course, battling it up with typical, unimaginative enemies. It feels like retro days at Marvel, as Aaron borrows subdued plots from bad 80s comics, and now, with issue #11, Aaron is taking something from The Arnold Days, as evil robots visit from the future to kill the past.

I’d usually be finished with a title like this, but it is Jason Aaron. You know, the guy who writes Scalped! So here I am waiting for Weapon X to become brilliant. I’m patient. It’ll happen soon. (Dana Tillusz)

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