Recommended Picks for February 3, 2010

Hot Pick!
Ultimate Comics X #1
Marvel Comics
(W) Jeph Loeb
(A) Art Adams
Covers by Art Adams

Who-or what-is Ultimate X? The answers and even more secrets arrive in the all new Ultimate X ongoing bi-monthly series from the superstar dream team of Jeph Loeb and Art Adams. Wolverine is dead. Captain America is a fugitive. The Fantastic Four are disbanded. Lives have been destroyed, and nothing can ever be the same. Is there any hope left? It all begins with a search for a brand new character whose identity will leave jaws on the floor, and change the Ultimate Universe forever.

FC $3.99

Recommended Pick!
Complete Dracula HC
D. E.
(W) Leah Moore & John Reppion
(A) Colton Worley

Dynamite presents an unprecedented comic book series that tells the complete story of the Lord of the Undead–Dracula! For the first time in 112 years the tale that Bram Stoker intended to tell is told (including ‘Dracula’s Guest’!).

If you thought you knew how it began or how it ends, you were wrong! Writers John Reppion and Leah Moore are joined by painter Colton Worley for a 5 issue odyssey of life, death, and the blood that flows within us all!

This fully painted series features fully-painted art, done in a rich, moody style by Worley, all under covers by modern master John Cassaday! Moore and Reppion also provide bonus material such as script pages, annotations and samplings of the original text by Bram Stoker!


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