Ultimate Enemy #1

Ultimate Enemy #1
Marvel Comics
(w) Brian Michael Bendis
(a) Rafa Sandoval & Roger Bonet
FC 32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada

Wow! Another Ultimate title but this time without the comics thrown in the middle. I’m not sure about the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man / Avengers, etc. as a title. It is a mouthful. But here is Bendis’ latest mini-series and it’s only called Ultimate Enemy. Not Ultimate Comics Enemy. Or at least the issue is called Ultimate Enemy. And this is a pretty nasty enemy even without the comics moniker.

The story has a giant gelatinous blob with tentacles attacking several of the Ultimate universe superheroes. Spider-Woman, Reed Richards, Sue Richards and Nick Fury to be precise. There is no hint to who this horrible enemy is, although as always, it seems to be Nick Fury’s fault.

Most of this issue is catching up with what has happened to the remaining members of the Fantastic Four since Ultimatum. It isn’t a bad issue but other than the random attacks by a mysterious villain not much else happens – as seems to be the norm for the first issue of a mini-series. The art is good, although Ben Grimm’s jaw seems to over-power his face. I’ll stick with this series; it’s intriguing enough and I have faith in Bendis when it comes to the Ultimate universe. I can’t say the same about some other writers. (Shane Hnetka)

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