The Thunderchickens withdraws from Zuda

You may have already heard the news if you watch the Zuda Web site, but on the evening of Thursday, January 23, 2010, I announced that Bill (3!LL) and I were withdrawing from the Zuda contest. Rest assured, The Thunderchickens will continue elsewhere in the near future. I will post updates on my blog ( as new plans take shape.

I want to extend a big thanks to everyone that supported The Thunderchickens and helped us stay #1 to very day we withdrew. This list of supporters includes my family, my friends (Kirk in particular but the rest of you too), professional creative partners (Manuel, Owen, Dino, Ed, and all the rest), The Leader-Post, Jack FM, Global TV, CBC Radio, The Prairie Dog, The ThunderChickens Robotics Club, University of Regina School of Journalism, ComicReaders Regina (Dana, Shane, Greg, and all the patrons that offered their support and votes), Balfour Collegiate, Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, and Regina Public Library (big thanks to Warren and Jessica). I also want to give a shout out to the Zuda regulars that voted for and supported The Thunderchickens.

If I think of anyone else I will be back to update this post, but if my memory is not jogged please do not think my omission is a sign that I did not appreciate your support. I appreciated it greatly. (Chad Boudreau)


About caperaway

I’m a publisher writer of graphic novels and short fiction. Published works include Acts of Violence: An Anthology of Crime Comics, The Grim Collection, Black Salt, and Psychosis.

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