FVZA #1fvza 1
Radical Comics
(w) David Hine
(a) Roy Allan Martinez
FC 64 pgs w/ ads $4.99 US / Higher in Canada

Radical’s newest series is another comic in the long line of vampire / zombie comics. The plot has to do with the fact that vampires and zombies have always existed throughout the centuries and in the 1800’s an agency was set up to deal with the threat – the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency or FVZA. Over the years a couple of vaccines were created to deal with the threats and both the zombie and vampire threat diminished. In the 1970’s the FVZA was put to rest. Dr. Hugo Pecos was once a member of the FVZA and since its disbandment he has been training his grandchildren for the day when vampires and zombies return. And of course they do.

The comic is based on a website created by Ricard S. Dargan in 2001. It had a fictional history on it that’s briefly covered in this issue. Writer David Hine has the tough job of making an interesting comic out this. He manages to tell an intriguing story without it being silly. Like all of Radical’s comics, the art is painted, here Roy Allan Martinez’s art is painted over by Kinsun & Jerry Choo. It looks good. There is nothing really outstanding about the comic though. It does hold my interest so I’ll see how the series ends but I can’t imagine the rest of the issues are going to be any different from this issue. (Shane Hnetka)


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