The Marvel Ladies

Greetings fellow Heroclixers!

Click for a larger version
Click for a larger version

We’ll start with one of my favourites, She-Hulk. Here, I’ve done her REV set (left to right). The Rookie consists of Power Girl’s torso, Polaris’ head, Circe’s face, The Lizard’s jacket, Hyena’s arms, Beast’s legs, and Ultimate Doctor Octopus’ base. This one is very labour intensive, hollowing out the Lizard body to fit in Power Girl’s and then heating a needle to make the ripped look of the white outfit for She-Hulk. The Polaris head was the best to show her uncontrolled look, while the open-mouthed scream of Circe made it appear as if the transformation was happening for the first time.

The Experienced figure is Wonder Woman. Granted, this is just a “repaint” but, hey, when you want to show off your FF team it’s nice to coordinate. Also I revamped her outfit to go with the Fantastic Forces figures of the FF team. I think it’s more stylin’.

And of course the Veteran. And what better way to show what the Green Goddess is made of than showing how she has been appearing on her recent covers. This figure is a Super Woman repaint; although, I had to remove her cape and fill it in, but the result is a more pronounced collarbone (her left one).

Click for larger version
Click for larger version

My ultimate favourite heroine has always been Tigra. She was the first repaint I ever did. It was a Wolfsbane figure. I made up the stats for her Clix, and when the good people at Wizkids finally came up with the actual figure, well, I had to resculpt it. Here, we’ll start with the Veteran, as she was most recently worked. There are a lot of original pieces from Tigra in this one the head, arms, legs, feet, the amulet on her bikini and the tiger teeth around her waist. Power Girl made up the upper body, Spoiler the lower, and for the tail, one of Doc Ock’s tentacles. I give props to one of my fellow clixers, who said she should have been in a dynamic pose like Spoiler, so there you have it.

The Experienced figure was easier and done a year earlier. She consisted of Black Cat’s upper body and the lower body of Cheetah. Sometimes the simplest way is the best way. (I’m still working on her Rookie, but will show you that one next time.) The big thing when painting Tigra is not to paint on the stripes. Use the Staedtler pigment liner 005; it’s the finest marker out there I trust. I use it for eyes, stripes and any other delicate detail a figure may need.

Click for larger version
Click for larger version

Lastly, we come to Spider Woman (the original) and one of her foes turned friends, Gypsy Moth. Gypsy Moth is made up of Batgirl’s head with some of the hair removed, Calypso’s left arm, Jinx’s right arm, Nebula’s upper body and Storm’s lower body (the original not the Ultimate). The toughest part was her wings, which consist of three sets of Queen Bee’s wings and one set of Wasp’s wings. There’s nothing too special here except those pesky wings. The final paint job was simply yellow ink on both sides.

Spider Woman is made up of only two figures: Firestar’s whole body and the Black Queen’s head. A little bit of glue to fill in over the eyes makes for a more convincing mask than just painting over it. Her glider wings are from a Christmas chocolate that had that fan look. And, of course, use that fine marker for the outline of the eyes and the design of the outfit.

Next time, the Serpent Society. (Keith Dobranski)

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