Spin Angels #2

Spin Angels #2spin angels 2
Soleil / Marvel Comics
(w) Jean-Luc Sala
(a) Pierre-Mony Chan
FC 48 pgs w/ ads $5.99 US / Higher in Canada

I’ve been enjoying Marvel’s Soleil reprints. Sky Doll, Scourge of the Gods, Universal War One, Samurai: Legend and Ythaq have been entertaining comics. The latest is Spin Angels, a pseudo Da Vinci Code knock-off with sexy girls and bad ass assassins. The plot has to do with a group of agents that work for the Vatican tracking down and removing objects that would bring about questions that the Catholic Church wouldn’t like public. Last issue the team – consisting of Sofia D’Agostino and Monsignor Marchesi – picked up a new member. The team had botched mission in Nova Scotia and lost a member.The nephew of a mob boss named Angelo had been brought in to act as bodyguard for Sofia. Now they are trying to find a lost Gospel of Judas before the mysterious and well armed enemy does. Things don’t quite go as planned and Angelo ends up killing a lot of people despite Machesi’s wishes.

This isn’t bad but by now the story is far from original. When Nicolas Cage has already made two movie knock offs you pretty much know where the comic is going for its third act and who the bad guys were all along. The art is nice – it’s in that kind of manga / European style that dominates most of Soleil’s comics. It’s great that Marvel is bringing these European comics over to North America but I hope that despite this relatively average story this isn’t a sign they’ve already printed all the A-list material. (Shane Hnetka)

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