Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Volume 1

Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Volume 1gunsmith cats revised 1
Dark Horse Comics
(w) Kenichi Sonoda
(a) Kenichi Sonoda
B&W 464 pgs, $16.95 US / Higher in Canada

A fresh look at a great series.

There are fast muscle cars; precision guns and numerous panty shots abound in Kenichi Sonoda’s masterpiece manga Gunsmith Cats. Dark Horse has brought back into print Sonoda’s masterpiece series in its original format for the first time. This means that all the drivers are finally on the right side of the panel (left side of the car though). Although instead of the original 8 or 9 trades, they’ve collected the entire first series in 4 definitive trades.

For those unfamiliar with this series, this is the story of Rally Vincent, a young female gunsmith who also works as a bounty hunter to pay the bills. Rally’s a gun fanatic and a car enthusiast or is that a gun enthusiast and car fanatic. With the help of her best friend Minnie May an ex-prostitute and explosive expert and the occasional help from Becky Farrah an expensive informant, Rally’s adventures have to be seen to be believed. In this collection, she crosses paths with a couple of gangsters – Bonnie who Rally cripples and maims like most of Rally’s opponents end up and then there’s Gray. Gray is a bad ass who Rally also maims in their first encounter. Needless to say he’s pissed at Rally.

Sonoda’s attention to detail is amazing, the cars look like the cars they’re suppose to be and the guns look fantastic. The car chases are thrilling and at times it’s almost edge of your seat excitement , which is hard to believe coming from a series of sequential art panels but Sonoda, makes it work. These are awesome collections, and rereading these stories I’m amazed that they are still as good as I remember them, at times even better than I remember. (Shane Hnetka)


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