Marvel Zombies Return #1

Marvel Zombies Return #1 of 5

(w) Fred Van Lente
(a) Nick Dragotta
marvel zombies return 1
FC 32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada

Wow. That was one nasty ass comic. Writer Fred Van Lente took over the Marvel Zombie title from Robert Kirkman with Volume 3. I was little let down with Kirkman’s Volume 2 and Van Lente’s Volume 3 had picked up the pace. It made the comic series a little less silly and set up what potentially could have been an awesome Volume 4. While Volume 4 wasn’t bad, it seemed to lose some momentum by the last couple of issues. But Van Lente has more than made up for it with this new issue.

This series picks up where Kirkman’s Volume 2 ended with the original Marvel Zombies being sent away to other universes. This issue focuses on what happens to zombie Spider-Man. It’s a nasty, gory, funny story with several references to some old school Spider-Man stories. Amazing Spider-Man #68 to be precise. That is where zombie Spidey is sent to and boy does he ever make a mess of things. At one point he’s run out of web fluid and cosmic power so he starts using his veins to swing around. And that isn’t even the nastiest thing in this issue. Nick Dragotta’s art tries to capture¬† the feel of John Romita and Jim Mooney’s original art from Amazing Spider-Man #68 without out and out imitating it or copying the panels.

This current series is going to be a series of one shots focusing on a different character with a different creative team for each issue. So while this is a really good issue, I hope that the rest of the series maintains the same quality throughout the remaining issues. (Shane Hnetka)


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