Wednesday Comics #4

Wednesday Comics #4WEDC_4-16-copy

DC Comics
(w) Various
(a) Various
FC 16 pgs w/ ads $3.99

It’s been four weeks into DC’s latest weekly project and this time the experiment is leaps and bounds better than their last weekly Countdown. As most already know this is a throw back to the old newspaper Sunday comics like Hal Foster’s brilliant Prince Valiant and of course Will Eisner’s The Spirit. The format is on newsprint and folds out to form a giant one newspaper like comic. I waited a couple weeks to get a feel for the stories before forming an opinion, with each page being only one installment of that particular strip, some of the stories move a little slower than the others but on a whole I think it works.

Wednesday Comics has a little something for everyone but much like all anthology formats, some of it works better than others.  My favorites so far is Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook on Kamandi. It stays true to Jack Kirby’s original comic while throwing back to the old school narrative work like Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant or Tarzan. The next favorite would have to be Adam Strange by Paul Pope – as a huge fan of Pope’s work, the weird science fiction world of Adam Strange works perfectly with Pope’s visuals. Now if only First Second Books would get around to collecting his THB run all would be right in the universe.  And finally Neil Gaiman and Michael Allred’s Metamorpho is another fun adventure story world.

wednesday-strange-popeThe rest are pretty good too for the most part. Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso’s Batman which started promising with a murder that Batman couldn’t stop – seems to have slowed down, especially in moving the story forward, hopeful things will pick up. Deadman by Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuk is very visually cool, Superman by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo looks fantastic but the story about Superman feeling that he doesn’t fit in on Earth  – seems a little silly, Hawkman by Kyle Baker has gone from a terrorist attack on an airplane to an alien invasion story in four short pages, Sgt. Rock by Adam Kubert and Joe Kubert has had the good Sergeant tied up and tortured for four weeks now, it should be entertaining when he breaks free. The Demon and Catwoman by Walter Simonson and Brian Stelfreeze has Catwoman cursed and only the Demon who can help her, Green Lantern by Kurt Busiek and Joe Quinones which tries to continue with Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier version of Green Lantern, Supergirl by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner which has Conner’s amazing art and a cheesy story about run away super-pets. The Flash by Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher messes around with time travel and surprisingly The Metal Men by Dan DiDio and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez has been an entertaining story about a bank robbery gone wrong with the Metal Men there to help.

The only two that are really weak are The Teen Titans by Eddie Berganza and Sean Galloway and Wonder Woman by Ben Caldwell. The Titans just doesn’t really interest me and some of the layouts are hard to follow despite the clean art style. And Wonder Woman needs to be a lot bigger or something. It’s more than a little tough to read and the story about young Diana fighting in her dreams or really fighting and then dreaming or something like that is a little tough to follow when the you need a magnifying glass to read it despite being on 14″ by 20″ paper.

Overall I’m really enjoying this comic and I’m glad that DC is trying something other than another tie in to the next big event. (Shane Hnetka)


One thought on “Wednesday Comics #4

  1. What a very intriguing experiment. Kudos to DC for taking this kind of gamble. I took a look at one of these when I was at the shop today (I’ve been on holidays for almost three weeks) and was very impressed by the format, the big names attached to the projects and the look of several of the tales.

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