X-Force #13

X-Force #13 apr09-x13
Marvel Comics
(w) Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
(a) Clayton Crain

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads $2.99 US

Behind Peter David’s X-Factor this is easily Marvel’s second best X title currently running. The ramifications of what happens in these pages could and will shake the X-Men for years to come. Cyclops is making difficult choices here; he has a team of X-Men running around killing off the bad guys trying to keep the world safe and the bad guys have up the stakes.

The Leper Queen has been abducting mutants, injecting them with the Legacy Virus and then letting the mutants blow up with their own powers killing hundreds and thousands of innocent human bystanders in the process. Wolverine and X-Force are trying to track her down. Cyclops is also trying to find the time lost Cable. Cable is trapped in the future with the baby mutant Hope with Bishop hot on his trail. Cyclops has decided that Hope takes precedent over anything else. And that decision results in at lest one more mutant death, possible more.

Damn this is good stuff, shocking, intense and powerful. If Uncanny and X-Men Legacy were this good there’d be no stopping Marvel. The crossover The Messiah War should be really good as long as Cable doesn’t slow things down. (Shane Hnetka)


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