Top 10: Season Two Special #1

Top 10: Season Two Special #1 apr09-top10
DC Comics / ABC Comics
(w) Zander Cannon & Kevin Cannon
(a) Daxiong & Zander Cannon

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads $2.99 US

This special wraps up Zander Cannon’s attempt to revitalize Alan Moore and Gene Ha’s Top 10 comic. After the events of the four issue Season Two mini-series, this special focuses on what has happened with Girl Two, who has apparently become a lawyer after failing to replace the late Girl One as an officer at the Top 10 Precinct.

The issue focuses on a case that she’s working on where an accused criminal may or may not have killed another criminal. There’s nothing really outstanding about this issue. I’m sure it’s been used in at least a half dozen cop / lawyer stories. The subtle humour is there, but it has even less in-jokes than Alan Moore’s original series had. Zander Cannon is an extremely talented comic book creator and he should really be working on something better – he was one of the originals on the Moore’s series – inks and layouts for Gene Ha and all the art in the Smax mini-series but it’s for him to move on. His efforts were certainly better than Paul Di Filippo and Jerry Ordway’s work on Top 10: Beyond the Furthest Precinct, but I rather see more of his own stuff like Replacement God or something new. (Shane Hnetka)


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