The Zombies That Ate The World #1 (of 4)

The Zombies That Ate The World #1 (of 4) zomibesate1

Devils Due Publishing / Humanoids
Writer: Jerry Frissen
Art: Guy Davis

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads
$3.50 US / Higher in Canada

Devil’s Due has picked up the French Humanoids comics license, and has started reprinting some of their titles along with some of the lesser known titles. Zombies is one that I never heard of, but I’m familiar with Guy Davis’ work, mostly on his brilliant run on B.P.R.D. This comic is written by French writer, Jerry Frissen, whose other Humanoid title, Lucha Libre, has been reprinted through Image recently.

This comic takes place in an alternate world where the dead have been coming back to life and co-existing with the living, much too the living’s chagrin. The comic is told in several episodic stories all set in the same world. The first story deals with a husband that wants to get rid of his wife’s recent returned zombie father. The problem lies in the fact that there are now laws that prevent any harm from coming to the zombies. Hubby wants to cremate the corpse but it’s forbidden–so he hires an outside source to do the deed and claim that the zombie just up and left.

The second story features the same troubleshooter Karl Neard who is hired by a wealthy collector to obtain the zombie corpse of a famous actress for his, ehm, harem. The usual wackiness ensues.

The ideas seem cool and as always Davis’ art is amazing but there’s something lacking from this first issue. It’s sounds way cooler that it is. Maybe the next issue will better meet my expectations. (Shane Hnetka)


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