Ignition City #3

Ignition City #3 june11-igni3
Avatar Press
(w) Warren Ellis
(a) Gianluca Pagliarani & Chris Dreier
FC, 32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US

I don’t know what to make of Warren Ellis’ Avatar work. For the most part it’s been pretty good, but every so often there are series like Anna Mercury that seem like they have some great ideas but somehow aren’t executed properly. But judging what I’ve read so far, Ignition City is Ellis at his finest.

In an alternate reality where space flight has occurred way earlier in the century, where space men have conquered space, pissed off the aliens, messed up WWII and then pissed the people of Earth. It’s the 1950’s now and space flight is now pretty much banned. The last free space port on Earth is a floating island called Ignition City where a bunch of former space jockeys all live – waiting to either fly or die. Mary Raven, the daughter of famed spaceman Rock Raven, has come looking for her father’s murderer. The culprits have been revealed, but there still some good old fashioned stand-offs and some shootin’ to do. This series has an old Buck Rogers / Flash Gordon feel to it and is as entertaining as Ellis’ Aetheric Mechanics was. (Shane Hnetka)


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