Complete Dracula #1 (of 5)

The Complete Dracula #1 (of 5) may-completedrac1
Dynamite Entertainment
(w) Bram Stoker, Leah Moore & John Reppion
(a) Colton Worley

FC, 40 pgs w/ ads $4.99 US

I’ve probably read and watched more Dracula books, comics and movies than I should have. It’s not that I’m all that big of fan of Bram Stoker’s story – it just seems that everybody and their dog do a take on the world’s more infamous vampire. Here the writing team of Leah Moore (Alan’s daughter) and her husband John Reppion have decided to do a complete retelling of Stoker’s story with graphic sequential illustrations along with the actual text.

The art by Colton Worley is amazing – Moore and Reppion blend Stoker’s text to it perfectly. They also include the short story “Dracula’s Guest”, which may or may not have been originally part of the novel. Here they have worked it in so it fits seamlessly with the rest of the story. I don’t know if the world needed another adaptation of Dracula, but this seems to work. Hopefully after this there won’t need to be another for quite a while. (Shane Hnetka)


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