Anna Mercury 2 #1

Anna Mercury 2 #1
Avatar Press
(w) Warren Ellis
(a) Facundo Percio

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US

Warren Ellis continues his alternate reality tripping super-heroine comic book. I wasn’t really blown away by the first mini-series. The story had to do with an agency that polices alternate Earths with agents that can only last an hour for each trip they take to the alternate reality. But as a bonus the agent gets extra strength and agility.

The first series featured agent Anna Mercury trying to stop a war between to rival nations in an alternate Earth. This series starts off with Mercury being sent a city called Three Souls Town on a newly discovered Earth. The folks there seem to have discovered a way into Mercury’s world and she is sent to discover what their intentions are. From the quick chase scene and subsequent gun fight, it might be safe to say that they might be hostile. I’m still not sure what I think of this series, the art is good, the action is entertaining but the overall effect of reading this series is like eating fast food at McDonald’s – it’ll sustain you but there’s better places you can be eating at. (Shane Hnetka)


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