Absolution #0

Absolution #0 june11-absolution0
Avatar Press
(w) Christos Gage

(a) Roberto Viacava
FC, 16 pgs $1.99 US

Absolution follows in the footsteps of fellow creator-owned titles from Avatar. Much like Warren Ellis’ Gravel run and Garth Ennis’ over the top zombie series Crossed, Christos Gage takes a classic tale and fuses it with some violence and a dash or two of sophistication. Absolution boiled down is about a superhero serial killer. John Dusk has had enough and has decided to kill the criminals who need it the most, the villains who hid behind the law and continue to ruin innocent lives.

This premier half-issue clearly introduces the concept, the characters, and the direction it will take in mere pages. Gage easily delivers a solid story and hits it hard enough that each reader will follow up on all the subsequent issues. (Dana Tillusz)

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