Red Robin #1

Red Robin #1

DC Comics
Writer: Chris Yost
Art: Ramon Bachs

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads
$2.99 US / Higher in Canada

I’m not quite as sure of this one. Tim Drake…err, Wayne…has always been a great character because he’s always been one of the lighter DC characters.

The events of Final Crisis and Battle for the Cowl have left their scars and Tim is now a tormented character. I don’t mind dark, but I really don’t appreciate the darkening of one of DCs few bright spots. Intellectually, I get it as what he’s gone through would be bound to affect him, but…

We finally see how Tim loses the Robin mantle in a kind of tragic sequence that Dick could have handled better and Damien makes worse by virtue of his sparkling personality. There’s definitely going to be some hard feelings the next time these three meet up.

This also pushes Tim closer to an edge that leads him to picking up the Red Robin suit. I suppose his rationale for taking up the role makes sense. He’s going to do nasty things and doesn’t want to soil his former image. I’m not overly fond of the costume but it’s beginning to grow on me.

This book was almost all set-up– there’s a throw away sub-plot involving a kidnapping that only serves to give Tim something to hit while they explain how he got to this point in his life and where he’s going next.

I’m calling this book “Knightquest 2”, as Tim comes to the illogical conclusion that Bruce is alive and is on a quest to find him (at least that seems to be the arc of Red Robin’s storyline). The big bad on the last page seems to agree with him.

I’ve always liked Tim and he’s been referred to as Gotham’s Best Detective, so I’ll be interested to see where this goes. I’m not sold, but am intrigued. (Ken Boechler)


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