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Special Edition #1

Special Edition #1
Ronin Studios / Bohemian Zen
(w) William Blankenship Jr., Mike Colbert, Josh Wigler, Chad Boudreau & Jeremy Still
(a) William Blankenship Jr.
FC 52 pgs $5.99 US / Higher in Canada

This anthology comic reprints several web comics that appeared on the Bohemian Zen’s website. All the stories are drawn by William Blankenship Jr.  and are written by a variety of different writers. The stories range from superhero stories to a modern pirate story. There is standard superhero story and couple more humorous stories.

Blankenship ‘s art style manges to cover the different variety of stories quite nicely. And the move from a single panel web comic to the comic book page works quite nicely and reaffirms my belief that nothing beats the printed page. Some of the stories are stronger than the others but that happens in all anthologies. Overall an enjoyable read. (Shane Hnetka)