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Strange Tales #1

Strange Tales #1 strange tales #1

Marvel Comics
(w) Various
(a) Various
FC 48 pgs w/ ads $4.99 US / Higher in Canada

After Marvel had declared bankruptcy back in the late ’90s – they started to restructure the company and they also started experimenting with more than just the usual superhero comic. Peter Milligan and Michael Allred had an amazing run on X-Force / X-Statix which skewered the celebrity aspects of superheroing and stardom in general. And in 2002 Peter Bagge had a comic come out called The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man. His follow up The Incorrigible Hulk was shelved after a change in Marvel’s management and has been sitting on shelf for the last few years until now. Marvel has assembled a team of indy comic book stars to do various takes on Marvel’s superheroes. Along with this Marvel has finally printed Bagge’s story – splitting it into three parts over the course of the mini-series.

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