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Scalped #36

Scalped #36
DC Comics / Vertigo Comics
(w) Jason Aaron
(a) Davide Furno

FC, 32 pgs w/ ads $2.99 US / More in Canada

Page 4 of issue #36 of Scalped contains one of the most shocking images to appear in this title to date, which is saying a lot for a book as brutally surprising as this one. The image is shocking not because of the act it depicts but because I didn’t see this one coming. In a book of unexpected acts and revelations this one caught me unawares, and with this one image writer Jason Aaron and guest artist Davide Furno tell us a lot about the character Shunka, more than we’ve learned about him in 36 issues.

Shunka is Chief Red Crow’s right-hand man, the tough, enigmatic Lakota most recently seen scouring the badlands of South Dakota for a fugitive that could reveal the mole inside Red Crow’s criminal organization. Shunka has been a reoccurring character in Scalped, but always in the background, an enforcer to be used, not a character to be explored. That changes with issue #36, which kicks off a new story arc in which Shunka is the main character.

Scalped is a consistently solid read, filling the void left by the completion of 100 Bullets. Both are gritty crime sagas featuring a roster of hard-as-nails and morally flawed characters, none of which are heroes and very few of which are outright villains. (Chad Boudreau)

Wolverine: Weapon X #11

Wolverine: Weapon X #11
Marvel Comics
(w) Jason Aaron
(a) Ron Garney & Jason Keith

32 pgs w/ ads $3.99 US / Higher in Canada

Jason Aaron’s Scalped is in the top-five best written monthly comics hitting shelves these days. Unfortunately, Wolverine: Weapon X ain’t. Since its debut, Logan’s run the course, battling it up with typical, unimaginative enemies. It feels like retro days at Marvel, as Aaron borrows subdued plots from bad 80s comics, and now, with issue #11, Aaron is taking something from The Arnold Days, as evil robots visit from the future to kill the past.

I’d usually be finished with a title like this, but it is Jason Aaron. You know, the guy who writes Scalped! So here I am waiting for Weapon X to become brilliant. I’m patient. It’ll happen soon. (Dana Tillusz)