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IF-X Vol. 2 #3

IF-X Vol. 2 #3
Hamtramck Idea Men
(w) Jill Hill, George McVey, Sam Johnson, Kathryn O’Connor, Chad Boudreau
(a) George McVey, Mike Bunt, Bruno Letizia, S.T. Smith
B&W 32 pgs w/ ads $2.99 US / Higher in Canada

This is another small press anthology comic book, one that has been getting published for a couple of years now. Each issue features several different writers and artist trying their craft with each issue being a different theme. This issue is the Halloween issue and that means horror stories.

The stories vary, the first is called Night Shift by Jill Hill and George McVey featuring an Ash / Army of Darkness like story about a man named Derringer Wesson who works at a Walmart like store and fights monsters and such in his spare time. The second story is called Voodoo Moon by Sam Johnson and Bruno Letizia and features a woman with the power of voodoo fighting a werewolf. The third story is a prose story by Kathryn O’Connor entitled Seance. The final story is by Chad Boudreau and S.T. Smith and it’s called Cutter’s Reward which is about a sheriff holding a criminal in his prison and receiving an unexpected visitor. The format reminds me of Regina’s local anthology comic book Value Comics. The quality varies from story to story but the format does give up and coming writers and artists a chance to show their stuff.(Shane Hnetka)